Printed Banners

We offer a basic, inexpensive temporary banner intended for 6 months of continuous outdoor use. These are full color banners and it is the same price for 1 color or a million colors. The banners are printed with UV solvent inks on a 13oz banner material. They are finished with hem tape and grommets.  The banners are available in 24”, 36”, 46”, 52”, and 59” finished widths.

Additional Options

We offer some additional options for high wind areas. We can increase the hem strength with nylon rope inside the hem. Wind cutouts can be added to allow some reduction in the wind pressure on the banner. Sewn hems and reinforced corners are available on request. Also see mesh banners below.

Two-sided banners are available using 18oz material with a blockout film between the 2 sides. A clear laminate film overlay can be added to the printed banners to protect the print.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners have an open weave design that allows wind to pass through and decrease flapping. It is especially good for windy areas. The graphics are printed on with the same full color UV solvent ink process. They are also finished with hem tape and grommets. Mesh banners are available in finished widths up to 52”. Outdoor durability is approximately 6 months.