There are a few basic tips you should know when it comes to sticking any vinyl stickers or graphics.

  • Surface temperature of whatever you are applying the vinyl to should be a minimum of 50°F. In some instances you may be able to use a hair dryer or heat gun to temporarily heat the surface, but I would reserve this for "emergency" situations.
  • The surface should be clean. Just like painting, prep work is important. If it's available, PrepSol works great for surface preparation to remove oil, grease, and wax residue. Denatured and isopropyl alcohol also work well. The easiest is to use just a little dish soup in water and then rinse thoroughly.


We are often asked, "How do I remove vinyl graphics?" The best method is to use a hair dryer and your fingernails. Heat the vinyl with the hair dryer to a point where it is very warm, but not too hot to touch. At this point you should be able to use your fingernail to start peeling the vinyl off the surface. You should be able to fully remove the vinyl with minimal adhesive left on the surface, unless the vinyl has been applied for several years. If you do get some adhesive left on the surface, you can find adhesive remover at most any parts store.